“I was on a waiting list for more than six months for meals from Meals on Wheels ― until I was identified as a veteran. I am grateful HONOR VETERANS NOW was there I help me. It’s definitely a relief to know that meal is coming every day.”

— Timothy D., U.S. Air Force

“I’m on disability, and that means it’s hard to find work — so I have to rely on the meals I get from Meals and Wheels (and HONOR VETERANS NOW). But I’m surviving. . .

— John M., U.S. Army 1985 – 88, Desert Storm, 1990-1991, Field artillery and rocket launchers

“HVN is a critical partner helping MOW fill the gap in current resource. We currently receive state funding for clients under 60 right now through the Texas Dept of Aging and Disability, but there is a waiting list of more than 5,000 to receive our service. People stay on the list for about a year to two years, but with HVN funding, a veteran under 60 moves up or comes off the list ― and is immediately serviced. They can start them on meals in two business days after HVN approval. “

— April Burns, Case Coordinator, VNA Meals on Wheels

“I was in Africa and Saudi Arabia. I was in the Middle East when 9/11 happened. I was in combat overnight when that happened. We weren’t prepared for that. Now, no one wants me around . . . ”

“I have struggled to readjust to civilian life. HONOR VETERANS NOW is wonderful. Without them, I wouldn’t have as much food to eat. I know I have those meals coming, and that is a huge help. We struggle and when we don’t have help we are forced to go to the VA. They just want to give us medicine and send us off. It’s not a good place to be . . .”

— Ron M, Corporal, U.S. Army