Get Involved

Veterans are suffering in silence ― and need our voices of courage. We invite you to join us on this important and rewarding journey to deliver hope to hungry veterans in the shadows.

Moving forward, we seek your engagement. Your participation serves as a compass for our path, a catapult for our success ― as well as a lifeline for so many in need.

With your partnership, veterans under 60 who suffer from hunger and struggle financially will defeat hunger.

Whether you lead, connect, share, give, volunteer, advocate, or refer a forgotten hero, your role in the mission of HVN and the lives of veterans in need is essential.

Please join us to deliver hope to hungry veterans:

Join Us As A Partner

Become part of our meal-delivery team. Join a partner organization in your area.

“With the partnership of organizations like HONOR VETERANS NOW, we can expand our feeding programs and reach more veterans in need under 60 throughout the Dallas area.”

— Betsy Cox, Managing Director, VNA Meals on Wheels

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Contact Your Elected Officials


Sample Script

Begin each call by citing your name and where you are from:

Hello. My name is _______, and I’m a constituent calling from [____Organization Name, if applicable] [ ____City] [ ____ State]. Currently, there are thousands of vulnerable veterans across the country who are hungry and have no other options. I’m calling today to urge [Senator/Representative ____Last Name] to support funding for programs like HONOR VETERANS NOW and partner organizations like the Veterans Administration and Meals on Wheels to include younger veterans who are disabled and hungry. All veterans should have access to nutritious meals that enable them to remain healthy and independent.

Point 2: ADDITIONAL BACKGROUND INFORMATION AND LEGISLATIVE ASKS YOU CAN SHARE WITH YOUR MEMBERS OF CONGRESS: During this year’s FY 2017 appropriations process, I’m urging you and your fellow Members of Congress to expand programs that support the need veterans under 60, such as reinstating the SNAP waiver that expired in 2015 that allowed for sustained feeding of able-bodied adults without dependents (ABAWDs) for longer than three months. This change hit the underserved population of veterans under 60 particularly hard.

As a constituent, I hope I can count on the [Senator’s/Representative’s] support to reduce and ultimately eliminate waiting lists by supporting and increasing funding for our veterans. Investing in programs like HONOR VETERANS NOW provides a win-win scenario all around – for vets, for taxpayers and for our nation. Thank you.


Spread the word to government official, colleagues, friends, neighbors and family through your social media channels.